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Complete Moorings Services

Design: We will design a mooring for you based on;
  • your boat's size, weight and shape
  • the depth and seabed conditions at the planned location
  • the weather and current conditions in that area.
We will use:
  • adequate and appropriate materials that are selected for durability and compatibility, avoiding galvanic corrosion.
  • designs that are simplified to reduce the number of weak points, or wear points.
We will build it properly. We don't take risks with your boat.

There was widespread damage as a result of the violent storms in May 2011. Our customers survived very well. None of our moorings failed, so no yachts went ashore. Only 2 moorings dragged and a further 6 required adjusting as they had shifted a few metres.  This out of a total of about 400 moorings, the great majority had boats on them.

We have built moorings for 100 tonne commercial vessels, trip-lines for dinghies, and all sizes between.  The majority are for boats in the 2 to 15 tonne range.

A mooring is a (simple) machine continuously working in a corrosive and abrasive environment. It requires annual maintenance. We contact our customers during the winter with specific recommendations for their own moorings based on our records and experience. We offer electronic communication and means of payment.
If you buy a bigger boat, we can usually upgrade your mooring. We cannot create more space for it in a crowded anchorage.
Commercial and Visitor Moorings
We maintain groups of moorings for several businesses including marinas and hotels.
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Reliability and quality workmanship